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How Creating A Writing Instagram Keeps Me Accountable.

By Valerie Villanueva

Let’s face the truth, being a writer is a lonely job. But it doesn’t have to be.

From the age of seven, I knew that I was a writer. The writer who started with short mysteries, to writing fan fiction in middle school, and to writing incomplete contemporary stories on Wattpad. In February, I found out that there were other writers I could reach out to on Instagram. I suddenly thought about how joining in on the community would immensely keep me accountable of my progress. Although joining this community was a nerve-wracking idea, I decided: Let’s give it a shot! And WOW, the unexpected happened.

You can say that I didn’t take writing seriously out of all the years I wrote stories. But after announcing my current work-in-progress to the world (aka my followers and whoever stumbled upon my account), I made a pact to myself that I was going to get this book done. Sure, I was intimidated knowing that there was a group of people out there following along in my journey—but it helped out so much. It has been four months since I started my first draft and with this uplifting community, I finished my beautiful (yet, very much flawed) draft a few days ago! The girl I knew from a year ago never thought she would see herself writing her first full manuscript until a couple of months ago. Yet, here she stands and I’m proud of her.

That’s enough about me. If you are a writer who wants a supportive crew in your journey, I’m going to give you tips on starting your very own writing Instagram account!

Tip #1:

Figure out your niche.

What do you want your audience to know about you? What kind of message do you want to put out there? You are the writer and owner of your account, there’s no right or wrong way of creating your feed! You don’t have to have a nice aesthetic if that’s not your type of tea. What matters is posting what represents YOU.

Tip #2:

Interact with other writers.

One of my favorite authors, Adrienne Young, created a wonderful hashtag for writers to find other writer friends! You can find writers on Instagram through #findmywritingcommunity and you’ll stumble upon many new faces. I can promise you that the writers I’ve met and interacted with are truly so sweet. The more interactions you make, the more friends you can comfortably reach out to! And when you’re engaging, it’s always important to be genuine and not reach out just for follows and likes.

Tip #3:

Decide what kind of content you want to post.

The algorithm on Instagram has been quite messy these days so regular posts aren’t getting as much engagement as reels do, even with hashtags. If you’re the type of person (like me), who doesn’t post many reels, it’s okay! I still post photos along with a caption just because that’s my personal preference. However, if you love videos and want to post reels, go for it! No one is stopping you. Creating polls, questions boxes, and multiple-choice on your story is another fun way to reach out to your audience!

Sample Post Ideas:

  • Work-in-progress (WIP) updates- Keep your followers updated on how your writing is going, we’re here to support you through the struggles and successes!

  • Character mood boards- Introduce your characters with a brief description of who they are. You can use photos from Pinterest if you want to create a collage of what represents your character.

  • Writing advice- Writers always learn something new every day and your input is very much needed in this community, even if it’s something that seems simple!

  • Motivational/inspirational quotes- These are one of my favorite things to see from other writers! It always motivates me to keep on going even if I’m in a rough patch with my writing.

  • Life updates- For me, getting to know what a writer does outside of writing is an interesting thing to learn about. But of course, you can share as much as you’re comfortable with to the public.

And most importantly, yet the most obvious standpoint—be yourself! Finding a group of people who share the same passion as you is one of the most exhilarating and euphoric feelings ever. When you feel stuck, there will be someone out there who will keep you grounded and support you along the way, including myself. I’d love to talk about writing, books, or even if you need uplifting—I’m here for you! Best wishes on your writing journey, friend!

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