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Catching Up with the Community: An Interview with Tuesday Simon.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Tuesday Simon, the author of the fantasy series “Through the Treeline” which follows the families of two rival kingdoms as they explore a long forgotten history, and why it has been long forgotten. I like to slap my readers in the face with lots of plot twists and I will never apologize for that. I did an evil thing by making my first book a delightfully happy journey, only to have readers throw the second one across the room. I’m a believer in strong female characters and healthy relationships both romantic and platonic. I’m inspired by so many things in my life, my family, the farm I ran around as a kid, and my handsome husband. I honestly never thought I’d be an author, so I’m really just living my best life sharing my experience. I am always happy to answer any questions others have about self publishing and I will keep it real.

What has your writing journey looked like?

It started much like any other writer’s journey, scribbling in notebooks as a kid and daydreaming during class. I stopped writing at twenty years old and that lasted about five years. In that time I got married and moved to Hawaii. It wasn’t until I was grieving the loss of my grandfather that my stories finally came back to me and I started writing again. I had the first draft of “Curious Consequences of a Curse” written within three weeks and I immediately started the second book after that. I published the first book of the series in Sept of 2020 and will publish the sixth and final book sometime before January of 2023.

If you could have lunch with any fictional character, who would it be?

It is obviously MCU Loki, his character has inspired aspects of my own characters and I’ve adored him since the first Thor movie. I think a lot can be learned about his drive, jealousy, and overall character development.

Can you pitch us the series that you've been working on and publishing this past year? What should we know about it?

Three hundred years ago the kingdoms of Hightree and Fellowrock were at war. Fellowrock was much stronger and Hightree was afraid of losing, so they cursed the border of Fellowrock ensuring that even if its citizens left their kingdom they would not be a threat. See, because Fellowrock’s people were bigger and stronger the curse placed on them was maximum levels of petty, because it made them shrink if they stepped over their homeland’s border. After centuries of separation the curse was cured with the help of some science and a war was finally fought again. Princess Dylah of Fellowrock could not be cured and through some careful planning and subtle treason was handed over (like actually handed over) to Prince Axen of Hightree for safe keeping. After their unwavering friendship answers are needed about why the curse needed to be placed at all and if it can ever truly be broken. And honestly, that’s just the beginning.

Your newest book, Lending Lessons to the Lilacs, releases on September 14th! What can you tell us about this prequel?

This story allows you to grow up with the main characters as they approach their destinies. It has many heartwarming moments and answers so many questions from the first two books while also slightly leading into the third. I know that’s pretty tricky, but after reading the first two books you have a clearer image of what it took for these characters to survive their predicaments, and that’s where the prequel comes in. It shows just how that curse was “cured” and why some couldn’t be cured. It highlights why they made certain decisions, and proves that some things were always meant to be. While reading the first two books you arrive at certain realizations as the characters figure them out, but “Lending Lessons to the Lilacs” gives you the opportunity to have that knowledge before they do.

Did you find it trickier to write a prequel?

Yes! Just because I had mentioned so many of these scenes throughout the series already so trying to link them all in and make sure they were cohesive with the other books took a lot of focus. That was something that a pantser like me is definitely not accustomed to!

What inspired you to write a prequel? Was that always in the cards for this series?

The prequel was never really planned, but as I was starting to write the third book in the series I realized that I had been mentioning these little blips of my characters’ childhoods and their fun memories. It made me think about how they grew into the strong characters they became and how it all led to the start of the series, the cures, the war, and the things that would come later on.

Who is your favorite character in Lending Lessons to the Lilacs?

It is definitely Keilon. He has always been one of my favorite characters to write but you see him really become himself in this book. So far readers have seen him as the strong king and protective brother, but they’ll get to see him as a worried kid, a grieving teenager, a persistent young adult, and even see him contemplate the weight of turning thirty. I’ve always known that he had all these layers to him and it was great to finally write it all out.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope they close this book feeling like they know my characters as if they were their own friends. I want them to feel like these memories of running through this cursed forest belong to them. I also hope that it makes them think of the small things that pushed them closer to their own great destinies.

What has been your favorite part of your publishing experience?

I can’t even begin to describe the joy that comes from seeing a young girl who adores my main character, Dylah. It makes me so happy that they see her as a role model, because I hope they understand that they can be strong and still keep their emotions, and that they never have to fit that perfect princess mold, they can be commanders and leaders. I never intended for such a young age group to read this series, but it has been amazing seeing these little girls wearing leggings and boots and owning their strength.

Do you have any advice for fellow authors?

Um yeah, don’t stress so much! Tell your stories, let me read your books! It’s always okay to ask for help, and know that it is a terribly difficult thing to share so much of yourself, and that makes you absolutely amazing! There is no “right way” to become an author and everyone’s journey is different. But finally getting to hold your book in your hands is worth every complicated thing you had to do to get it there!

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