• Madison Siwak

Catching Up with the Community: An Interview with The Writer's Grove.

If you're looking to join a writing community, then look no further! The Writer's Grove is a space built by Kammi Trout and Mary Nolte, where people can come together for writing, sharing, and workshopping. It's a community built on support, and I was so honored to interview the founders about their vision and goals with The Writer's Grove!

-Madison Siwak

How would you describe The Writer's Grove?

The Writer's Grove is an online writing community. It is our mission to help other writers find inspiration, advice, and companionship. We are a safe place for writers to share their struggles and successes. Anyone who writes is welcome to be a part of our community!

How did this group come to be?

In 2017, when we both graduated from grad school, we started going on "writing dates" a few times a month. We would meet in a coffee shop to write together and also to spend hours talking about our writing hopes and dreams. We learned early on that just meeting up to talk about writing made a world of difference when it came to actually doing it. We felt less alone.

We started to daydream on our writing dates about someday making a platform where we could help writers connect with one another so that they could have what we had found in each other and our other writing friends. We tossed around a lot of ideas for a few years and finally landed on an Instagram page called The Writer's Grove.

What kind of support does the TWG offer?

We offer a chance for writers to be featured on our account every single Friday as a way to help them connect with other writers. We also just finished our very first online workshop, where we workshopped the first pages of six writers' manuscripts. We also share quotes, writing tips, and our own personal writing updates. Next month, we'll be giving writers a chance to share some of their work on our account with a 100-word challenge called Micro Fiction May. We are opening applications for our next workshop in a few weeks and have many new things planned for this summer!

What do you think makes the writing community so special?

The best part of the writing community is how kind and understanding it is. Writing can be a very difficult business. It takes a lot of rejection and perseverance to be successful, and the actual act of writing can be a very solitary, lonely thing. Every person that we've worked with or interacted with in the writing community has been so welcoming and open to connecting with others. Writing doesn't have to be lonely!

What does TWG offer that makes it unique? What's your favorite aspect?

Our goal is to support other writers in a variety of ways, whether that's sharing their profile on our profile, including them in an online workshop, or responding to a comment. Moving forward, we hope to continue to expand the ways that we support writers in growing their personal writing community. My favorite aspect is sharing a new follower every Friday. I love learning about the variety of writers who follow us, their WIPs, and their writing advice.

What would you say to people perhaps a little shy or hesitant about joining TWG?

One thing we talk about a lot is how writing can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. It was created to help all writers find support and community. The Writer's Grove really is a safe space. We aim to help writers grow, both in skill and as people. We want them to not feel alone as they chase their dreams, provide a space where they can discuss all of the emotions that arise while writing, and also uplift them every step of the way.

How can people connect with each other within the group?

As of right now, our main way of connection is through Instagram, especially on our Monday and Friday posts. Mondays are usually a check-in, where we encourage writers to connect in the comments. Fridays are when we feature writers. As The Writer's Grove continues to grow, we're hopefully putting into motion private Discord channels (one for all members of TWG and then broken down further into genres)

Do you have any future plans or goals for TWG?

Our ultimate goal for The Writer's Grove is to eventually run in-person retreats. I've always found writing retreats to be incredibly uplifting and inspiring. It's a chance to get away from work and responsibilities for a weekend and focus solely on your writing. We'll provide writers the chance to connect with other writers, have their writing workshopped in small round-table discussions, and a lot of free time to write. This obviously cannot happen until it is safe to travel again, but retreats are our big goal.

How can people find you?

Right now, we're solely based on Instagram. We're in the process of creating a website, as well as a newsletter, so please keep an eye out for announcements on those!

Anything else to add?

We'd just like to say thank you to Madison for offering to feature us. It's been quite the journey building this writing community so far and we're incredibly excited to share all of our upcoming events.

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